Although the regulatory agenda is typically released semi-annually, the Obama Administration released its first in over a year on December 21st. The agenda is intended to give the regulated community and the general public a list of agency actions in the near future. However, many agency actions, such as the development of guidance and other initiatives, have not been included in the agenda in recent years. Of particular interest to aggregates, the agenda indicates the EPA is working on a Clean Water Protection Rule to clarify what water bodies are jurisdictional under the Clean Water Act, but no dates for notice of rulemaking or the final rule are provided. EPA has indicated recently it was working on a rule, but it is still not known whether the Clean Water Protection Guidance, which has been under White House review since February, will be released prior to the rule. Other water rulemakings are listed as having proposed rules in 2013, including stormwater regulations revision to address discharges from developed sites, and effluent limitations guidelines and standards for the construction and development point source category.

Source: NSSGA