ARPA Environment

The Environment Committee, one of ARPA’s most aggressive, is responsible to review and comment on pending environmental guidelines, rules, regulations and statutes. The committee also will recommend to federal, state, county and local regulators changes to legal language covering the environmental arena. The group is also an education and information source for decision-makers and industry members regarding all aspects of the environment.

Committee Resources

Committee Information

Meeting: 7:30AM third Thursday of every month
Chair: Sade Simien, Haley & Aldrich
Vice-Chair: Chris Smith, Fisher Industries

Corporate Sustainability

Wildlife Habitat Council: Corporate Services

Wildlife Habitat CouncilIncorporating habitat improvements, biodiversity and conservation awareness into corporate land planning and management can be a successful approach to promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The WHC Conservation Strategy and Planning team collaborates with members to create comprehensive conservation strategies that meet companies’ environmental performance, sustainability, employee engagement and community relations goals. With the guidance of WHC, companies can choose to adopt company-wide, regional or operations-focused strategies. To learn more CLICK HERE.

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