ARPA is looking for the next generation’s leaders of our industry and the Association. Do you know a young leader like Brett Spencer and Alex Bertheau of Cemex, Andrew Novak of Madison Granite, Paul Radtke of Drake or Joel Palacios of Hanson? Nominate them today and prepare your industry for the future here.

Based on the recent strategic planning session, ARPA has developed a set of goals that highlight key areas of focus moving into the next few years. Part of this plan includes the development of an ARPA Young Leaders group to assist in the need for future leaders of the rock products industry in Arizona. Many producer members, managers and executives recognize the need for a robust next generation workforce along with leaders to sustain the industry for the long term. With the average age of the rock products worker hovering at approximately 50 years, it is clear we need to prepare our young leaders now. In addition, the industry is competing for young workers in a rapidly expanding information and technology age of computer programming, slick games, and marketing programs that capture young minds. Developing a Young Leaders group can help bridge this generational gap and bring new energy and ideas that can be helpful in an ever-changing economy and social environment.