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The Safety Committee works to build relationships with the regulatory agencies responsible for worker and plant site safety. Representatives from the Mine Inspector’s Office, Mine Safety and Health Administration and Occupational Safety and Health Administration attend important monthly meetings. The committee works with these agencies to educate members and non-members alike in establishing comprehensive safety programs, provide compliance updates, address current issues and share vital information. The ARPA Safety Committee provides joint safety conferences, training, participate in occupational safety events, and have provide presenters to convey vital information. The committee has also instituted an annual safety recognition program to honor those member organizations with the best safety records. The ultimate goal of the Committee is to increase awareness and compliance at all levels.

The Transportation Committee brings together experts in the field regarding on and off-road vehicles to discuss and solve critical issues facing the industry. The committee deals with such issues as maintenance and compliance standards, relationships with enforcement agencies, vehicular tax policies, on-road public relations efforts, hours of service and driver training.

The members of the Arizona Rock Products Association are committed to supporting a safe workplace by providing the following training and services.

  • Monthly industry safety committee meetings
  • Collaboration with other safety related organizations and associations such as National Stone Sand and Gravel Association and Associated
  • General Contractors America
  • MSHA compliance seminars
  • Competitive safety awards recognition
  • Safety discussions at committee and Board of Director meetings
  • Providing safety updates and vital training
  • Participation in MSHA’s Spring Thaw and other safety agency conferences
  • Promotion of Stay-Out, Stay-Alive program through partnership with MSHA and the Arizona
  • Mine Inspector’s Office
Zero Safety Incidents

ARPA Zero Safety Incidents

ARPA Zero Safety Incidents

The Arizona Rock Products Association is proud to recognize the following members for achieving zero safety incidents for the year 2016… To read this document CLICK HERE.

Featured Safety Program

Job Safe ProgramJob Safe is a common sense program initiated by ready-mix concrete truck drivers to establish simple, easy-to-follow guidelines that reduce job site incidents and the risk of serious personal injuries.

Job Safe Program
Job Safe Toolkit
ARPA Endorses Job Safe

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Meeting: 9:30AM third Thursday of every month
Chairperson: Michael Sheedy, Salt River Materials Group
Vice Chair: Sarah McCraren, McCraren Compliance



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