The ARIZONA ROCK PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION (ARPA) is a trade organization, that for 60 years has represented companies producing nearly all the aggregate materials in the State of Arizona. ARPA is the oldest Mining Association in Arizona and our membership includes producers or suppliers of aggregate, asphaltic concrete, ready mix concrete, asphalt and portland cement, as well as trucking firms, paving contractors and other aggregate end users, material testing labs and ancillary companies. Members benefit from the Association’s professional and knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to preserving the sustainability of the rock products industry. With our outstanding safety and environmental record, substantial economic benefits and active social and political involvement, ARPA members, associates and employees are proud of our contribution to the growth of Arizona and to the future of our people and communities.


Our Mission Statement

Revised by the ARPA Board of Directors March, 2013

Arizona Rock Products Association promotes and preserves the sustainability of the rock products industry through active involvement in the community, regulatory, and political processes.–ARPA Board of Directors

ARPA LegislativeARPA‘s primary goal is to track key environmental, safety, transportation and governmental affairs and educate our members on the potential impact of current issues. Further, it is through intense political involvement at state and local levels that ARPA continues to make its greatest strides. ARPA provides the forum for key committees such as; environment, community relations, safety, transportation, concrete and asphalt technical committees and governmental affairs, whose work is the precursor to legislative initiative.

ARPA Regulatory

ARPA provides substantial benefits to our members and the communities in which we serve and operate. ARPA supports numerous technical and educational committees focused on environmental, safety, quality and transportation issues and these committees form the nucleus of ARPA‘s aggressive participation in state and community affairs. ARPA and its members strive to work productively within the political and regulatory infrastructure in order to continue to improve the lives of others and invest in the future of our communities.


ARPA Community
ARPA, our members and employees care about the communities in which we live and work. As such, member companies, and associations are active participants in charitable, educational, and social issues, and work diligently to ensure that the benefits of our organization and industry span the diverse social and economic needs of our State.