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The ARIZONA ROCK PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION (ARPA) is a trade organization, that for 60 years has represented companies producing nearly all the aggregate materials in the State of Arizona. ARPA is the oldest Mining Association in Arizona and our membership includes producers or suppliers of aggregate, asphaltic concrete, ready mix concrete, asphalt and portland cement, as well as trucking firms, paving contractors and other aggregate end users, material testing labs and ancillary companies. Members benefit from the Association’s professional and knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to preserving the sustainability of the rock products industry. With our outstanding safety and environmental record, substantial economic benefits and active social and political involvement, ARPA members, associates and employees are proud of their contribution to the growth of Arizona and to the future of our people and communities.


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Careers in the Mining Industry: 

If you want a career that utilizes your skill sets in unique ways, the rock products industry needs dedicated people like you.  To learn more CLICK HERE





Arizona Mining Industry

Arizona Mining Industry: Mining Matters

Attention ARPA Members: Check out ENR Southwest magazine’s 2017 special section devoted to the Arizona mining industry. To read the article CLICK HERE.


Arizona Aggregates

Arizona Aggregates

The construction industry is the primary consumer of aggregates that are used to build roads, bridges, office buildings, hospitals, schools, airports, homes and so forth. Many of those uses of aggregates support the growth in population. But as observed during the past decade, demand for construction and aggregates fluctuate with the state of the economy. To read this document CLICK HERE.


Economic Impact Study

The Arizona Rock Products Industry: Economic Impact Study

The operations of Arizona Rock Products firms provided jobs for 7,745 industry workers and had a direct impact of $2.5 billion in 2017. As these dollars cycled back into the economy, a total economic impact of $4.9 billion was created, along with 25,674 total jobs. To read this document… CLICK HERE.


Arizona Cement Industry

Arizona’s Cement Industry: Portland Cement Production and Use

Cement is manufactured by heating lime, silica, alumina, iron, and other materials at high temperature. The resulting substance is a marble-like ball called clinker that is ground, mixed with limestone and gypsum, and used to create concrete. Arizona’s cement industry is a critical element to construction materials and to the overall health of the economy. To read this document… CLICK HERE.

Our Mission: The Arizona Rock Products Association promotes and preserves the sustainability of the rock products industry through active involvement in the community, regulatory, and political processes. –ARPA Board of Directors